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Team of international Coaches with great experience and talent as trainers, who work to maintain the quality of our programs. They have been certified by recognized firms and are constantly updated.


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Being ICT is the best thing that could happen to me workwise. We are a group of human beings who seek to transmit from our authenticity, what it means to us to be coaches in an environment of fraternity, fellowship, cordiality and humans. For me, ICT is a great family.

As a coordinator, it is a privilege to be able to accompany dozens of human beings to become conscious of their resources, their stories and their potentials. Being able to inspire them through the continuity of transcendence into a new way of being in life.


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Being part of ICT represents a privilege, a distinction and a great commitment to contribute my growth, development and that of many more people. It represents a space where I can flow, give and receive. It represents a moment of expansion in my life.

Coordination means that I have a valuable opportunity to serve, enjoy and participate with friends in a high-performance team where I learn, contribute, share and grow. It means a challenge and a reason to keep growing and updating myself.


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Being part of ICT is the promise of serving the development of new generations in terms of their training, care and professional development. 

Coordination is the link with the new generations that will lead the companies. Coaching has given me growth, actions and goals that I fully enjoy in my life.


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Being part of ICT, is being part of A GREAT TEAM! It has allowed me to meet invaluable people serving people through Coaching, who drive their vision and commitment to highlight the highest human ideals.


Coordinating programs means a great commitment to me, it has given me the possibility to have great distinctions, as well as having continuous growth of others. Having the opportunity to support the growth of others, makes me live without a doubt, my great passion.


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Being part of the ICT team is being with people who have the same vision and development, desire to share and grow. To go out and deliver that passion to the world and help others to find it. It's belonging to this "family" is a privilege. Since my first step in ICT, I knew that I had come home.

Coordinating means continuing to learn. Being able to stay close to the students and strengthen the bond with the teachers. It's training future coaches with all the tools and human sense to accompany others in their journeys. It is certainly a commitment that I love to have.


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Being part of ICT is a privilege and a pride. A single approach with a team of professional and mainly great human beings. 

Being a coordinator is a great experience with many learnings and both personal and professional growth, but mainly it is a great commitment with Tec de Monterrey and ICT to exceed the expectations of the program. 


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Being part of ICT has expanded my vision of Coaching in the world. It's the support beyond a firm, of a team of extraordinary beings who live in congruence the commitment to their own development and that of others.


Being a coordinator is the opportunity to be at service of those who seek to transcend through example. I have the honor of being able to share with freedom and passion, my learnings on this path of Coaching. It has given me the great responsibility to keep hungry for learning every day. Accompanying you is a great challenge that I appreciate being able to take.


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Being part of ICT means being part of a great time where I will always be supported and where I live a pleasant job of continuous improvement. Here I undoubtedly observe the best relationships that I've seen in a work environment.

Being a coordinator is having a space to give back the world a little of what it has given me. It's a vehicle to multiply well-being.



To be part of ICT is to belong to a team committed to the needs that the current context demands of us. It's learning, commitment and friendship. It's being part of a group that learns, teaches and lives values actively, all the time in constant growth. 

Being a coordinator implies a great responsibility to Coaching and participants. For me it's sharing and transmitting my passion for Coaching, I recognize that every generation leaves me thousands of teachings that allow me to grow both personally and professionally.




For me, ICT is a commitment to myself and my environment. It's being part of one of the most important organizations in Coaching. It's incredible to have a family that we've created with a lot of love, respect, laughter, openness, and a vision focused on a group goal, carrying our related values ​​as a standard.

It's a pleasure to be an ICT coordinator; do, learn and teach everything that this team preaches: respect, study, understanding, growth, admiration, recognition, responsibility and an enormous vocation and love for Coaching.


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Ser parte de ICT es un honor y un compromiso. Significa que pertenezco a una red con la que comparto una visión y valores, en la que interactúo con personas que me inspiran e, igual que yo, ponen todos sus talentos al servicio de otros para acompañarlos en la realización de sus sueños.

Coordinar un programa es ver cómo la chispa de luz que brilla en cada uno de nuestros participantes se aviva y se engrandece, conlleva la enorme responsabilidad de acompañar a cada uno en ese proceso.


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Ser parte de ICT, es ser parte del cambio que quiero ver en el mundo, es la construcción de historias hombro a hombro con un equipo humano, comprometido y con vocación.

Coordinar programas significa para mí la oportunidad de contribuir a que más personas se atrevan a soñar, a que se miren con nuevos ojos, a que se cuestionen y sobre todo a que vivan una vida  alejada de juicios y obstáculos.

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