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All our workshops, certifications and coaching processes are given by coaches who have been certified with ICT, and also have an extensive managerial and directive experience. They are professionals with a humanistic vision due to their experience in human development, training, postgraduate education and organizational consulting.



  • ICT Council

Our team is made up by Coaches with diverse talents, experiences, concerns and loyalty towards the coaching discipline, complementing each other to create possibilities and improvement in the international terrain.

The Council team is created to safeguard the training, develop and consecrate coaches (trained and not trained by ICT), through best practices, identity alignment and projection, continuous improvement of training and development.

  • Coordinators

Team of professional Coaches who work to maintain ours programs quality. They have great experience and talent as trainers. 

They have constant virtual and face-to-face meetings to strengthen and better their practices.



  • Trainers

Group of professional coaches that are at the service of their students who train and share their knowledge and experience.

They enrich the program with their particular and unique way of training.

They keep constant updates.




  • Staff Team

Fundamental part of the program.

It is a group of professional coaches who provide their work and service during the certification, both, virtually and face to face. 

They support the coordinator and trainer helping the students acquire the competencies of the program.


  • Social Team

As part of ICT's contribution to society, the Social Team aims to promote the act of social service by incorporating in our Executive Coaching Certification. During the certification, the students provides a coaching profit to a non profit institution that may benefit from it. 

A second objective of this team is to bring our programs to diverse institutions so that leaders of social projects can acquire training for free.

  • Community Team

ICT's objective is to stay in contact with its graduates and create a community that creates the possibility of strengthening relationships, learning, provide professional and economic growth, research, and development.  Our community  team is in charge of generating this link with our graduates.



They are coaches endorsed by our firm, who have complied with the guidelines to be certified and practice their specialty.


You can request the contact of any of them for the service you require, it's always a pleasure for ICT link our students.


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